Birthday girl | August 2016

*Written in August 2016, Sydney

I planned to share all the highs, lows and life lessons I’ve learnt over my 30th year but this week has been nuts …

I didn’t find the time to sit down and write up a ‘proper’ post so right here right now (from my phone in a taxi on route to birthday fun day 3) I just want to thank everyone who took time out to wish me a happy birthday.

I’ve had more well wishes than ever before and it’s meant a lot. I’m grateful for all the people I’ve crossed paths with … the memories that have resurfaced across social media have made me happy and filled with posivity – life is good, really good! ☺️

Last night I went out in the city, got drunk on champagne and spent too much time on my phone – today we play Lawn Bowls (yep Lawn Bowls!) on the Clovelly Cliffs above the ocean …

Today I won’t be on my phone all day! Need to enjoy the moment and be present!
31, so far – so good!

Bring on the next 12 months 🍾🎉☀️✌🏻️


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