Change your mindset to be more positive | August 2016

I am continually on a self-improvement journey, more-so in the last few months than ever in my life. 

One lesson I keep learning again and again is; what I think is what I become. 

Every time something happens that knocks me or makes me feel a negative (sad / worried / nervous / scared) feeling I question why I feel that way.

Then I bring myself back to looking at things from an outsiders point of view. I turn a gloomy thought into a brighter one that I am happier with.

Earlier my Stepdad posted a pic of my baby sister and our dog at home in Wales. At first my feelings wrenched ”My god I miss home 😕”. My chest tightened in the knotted uncomfortable way that I am too familiar with, as I asked myself “when?” would I realistically make it back for a visit again.

But I’ve been down this road too many times before – I wasn’t about to let the homesick monster grab me again.

I stopped myself and re-channeled my train of thought; ”I’m always looking forward to going back ☺️”. My chest relaxed as I reminded myself that time flies and I would be back for a visit as soon as I could be.

It was that simple.

Take a deep breath + change mindset = be positive.

Another example from this week; I missed the final of the Olympic Showjumping and having been a rider and true lover of horses since a toddler I actually felt really guilty about it.

I considered that I had let a big part of my ”previous life” (before travel) slip so far away that I was almost completely out of touch with it.

Rather than be angry with me because I had missed it I watched a re-run on YouTube. I then continued to get my overdue horsey-fix by watching more old showjumping clips of the amazing Gold medal duo Nick Skelton and Big Star.

I appreciate these examples are “no-big-deal” but they mean something to me.

I’m sure you will agree it can often be the smallest things that sway your whole mindset.

Whatever your gripe, always give yourself another go at dealing with it.

Refresh your mind with a new perspective and you will find you begin to manage things (no matter how big or small) more quickly as you move through your days.

Essentially, you can make yourself mentally stronger.

I have lost so many hours of my life wasting time over-thinking things that didn’t deserve that much attention. Now I try to keep my thoughts in check  and I’m finding my days are becoming more trouble free, more sun filled. Happier.

Your mind is a wonderful thing – try to master it when it starts making tracks down the wrong path and and you’ll find yourself living better days ☀️


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