From Thailand traveller to landing an exciting Sydney job | August 2016


*Written in August 2016, Perth

This time 6 months ago I had the grand total of $300 (£175) to my name, a credit card that needed paying and no job.

I also had an underlying will to get off the travel-train that had been my life for the last 2 years. The time had (finally) come to get my act together – to stop flitting between countries and continents – to put myself back where I deserved to be with my career.

This week I visited my friend in Perth, the last time I saw her was 6 months ago. Back then I had recently left Thailand on a mission to get back to Sydney. I had landed in Perth a bedraggled traveller with no ‘normal’ clothes and no cash to spare.

This visit was different, I arrived settled and stable. I was just super excited to be with her lovely family for a few days, before jetting back to Sydney to crack on with the next chapter of my life.

This week my vision comes to life. I start a new job where I go back to my roots; digital marketing cool brands that excite me. I couldn’t be more stoked! I still can’t quite believe it. After I’ve done my first day it will start to sink in, it’s really happening!

These past few months have also given me the chance to pay off (most of) my credit card and get on my feet financially again. I run often and write here every Sunday. My unsettled travel days are long behind me, life is a routine that benefits me physically and mentally. I feel more focused now than perhaps ever before. It is a great position to be in.

I can’t wait to see where these next 6 months take me and hope that my eagerness for life plays out how I envisage it in my head.

A little self-belief goes a long way. I spoke to my mum a few months ago when I was job hunting and she said ‘maybe this ‘dream job’ doesn’t exist’. She was trying to steel me for the fact that I might end up working for money rather than love.

But I knew something was out there for me. I kept looking until I found it. This time of my life is something everyone can learn from – listen to what you want and keep going until you get it.
Here’s to the next 6  ….

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