6 Times Life Inspired Me This Week | July 2016


*Written in July 2016, Sydney

Job hunting has taken over my life. The past two weeks have been consumed with chasing every lead, attending as many recruiter meetings as possible, dealing with countless calls and emails and giving myself my best, fresh-faced shot at every interview.

Something is going to come together this week (hopefully tomorrow). I feel the tingle; I am on the cusp of something great. I know all the crazy moments will be worth it in the end!

As my head has been so busy, I thought it would be nice to take a moment to recount some glimmers of inspiration from the last 7 days …

The Google Dictionary says Inspiration is: A feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, which gives you new and creative ideas

Here’s 6 times I have found life inspiration this week;

  1. After 17 YEARS of avoiding stepping foot on a plane due to an overbearing fear of flying, my aunt is currently sunning it up on a family holiday in Tenerife – HURRAH!. I am so happy and proud that she finally plucked up the courage to battle a demon that has stinted so much of her life. Feel your fear and fight it, better late than never.
  2. One of my friends started her own cleaning business with 0 clients lined up and nothing concrete on the horizon 3 months ago. The only thing she had for certain was her drive, her will to throw herself into her new venture. We talked on Friday and she reported a big (and growing) list of regular clients. She has also employed an assistant to help her to keep up with demand. Give something your all and good things will come.
  3. A recruiter giving a different kind of advice. Recently I have met numerous recruiters as I widened the net in my search for a new role. All have been professional and welcoming. One said these parting words; ”Just be yourself, you’ll be fine”. This warm nod of confidence hit home – it’s always what my mum says to me. This support gave me a renewed sense of purpose as I went onwards to my interview.
  4. Reading Forbes.com. The homepage opens with a ‘Quote of the day’ which is always worth your time. I read their marketing articles every day. I have become increasingly influenced by masters in the field. With every post I find something that will benefit my thoughts and my career development.
  5. Seeing old people running. I notice every person I pass when I run and it’s always the older generation that catch my eye most. Every time I spot someone in later life mid-workout I think ‘I want that to be me, I want to run when I’m old’, they spur me on. If they can be that active at their age, I can be this active at mine.
  6. Getting up for sunrise. I made two sunrises this week and they were beautiful. Summer is in the air!. Mornings are getting busier with everyone making the most of the upturn in the weather. Nature is good for your soul – make as much time for it as you can.

Look beneath the surface and take care to appreciate your entire day. Even if life isn’t going your way there will be points of positivity that you can grip on to. When you turn ‘little things’ into ‘big things’ you will find your days becoming more interesting, more rewarding – more fun!.

Here’s to the days ahead, the best is yet to come.



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