Always try your best, no matter what | July 2016


*Written in July 2016, Sydney

You know that gritty feeling in the pit of your stomach (the one that comes hand-in-hand with her old mate Panic) as you consider a part of your life over, done, dust.

Then somehow (out of nowhere) Reality works his magic and things turn out ‘alright in the end’.

These spells of to’ing and fro’ing between your worst case scenario and your ultimate reality are the times that you need to remind yourself – if you tried your best you’ve done good kid.

It’s easy to get thrown around in your own little sh*t storm as you work towards your next big thing, pushing boundaries to smash your latest goal. Maybe you sometimes feel held back by a bump in the road in your personal life. Or perhaps one person in particular doesn’t always fight your corner.

Whatever may attempt to knock you sideways, whichever obstacles you may face – you’ll do well to remind yourself that your vision might be blurred but it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

I’m currently going through a few life edits. I’m in the middle of job seeking. My plans for my future in Sydney and my lifestyle (as I know it in Bondi) rest on my next career move.

As things hang in the balance I keep reminding myself; if I try my best I’m half way there.

With every work-related conversation I see that it could amount to ‘something’ or ‘nothing’. I tell myself that either way ‘I’ll be alright’ with the outcome.

It’s easy to hot foot it with your ambition in your mind; to see your contract arriving in black and white. It’s easy to see problems blow over and for everything to go back to ‘how it always was’. It’s easy to see a new place in your price range just crying out for your feet under the bed.

When you want something bad, it replays in your mind. Over and over. Again and again.

Your imagination is a powerful source. Your hopes for your future can sky rocket on a sixpence.

You must always remember, no matter how big you dream or how sticky your situation may become – if you try your best, your very best, give your 110% – that’s all you can do.

Knock on enough doors to chase the opportunity you want. Put yourself out there with contacts old and new. Sniff out ways to get a firm grip on what you really desire. Believe in yourself. Keep going until it all comes together. It will. Believe it will and it will. Everything you do starts with one thought.

Try your hardest in everything you do until you get what you’re searching for. Once you receive it be grateful. Then keep striving to achieve more, go higher. Be the best version of you that you can be. Enjoy your job, graft hard. Make the most of your personal life. Never forget to appreciate your free time. Be thankful for your family, happy for your friends, curious about the universe you live in.

Give your world your all and you’ll reap the benefits sooner or later. Sometimes you might have to wait a little longer than you hoped but it will happen. In the meantime you can sleep easy at night, knowing that you’re trying your best to make the most of your life. Good things happen to good people. Sometimes you just have to believe in your own magic.




  1. July 17, 2016 / 5:44 pm

    So enjoyed reading this. Thank you!

    • July 17, 2016 / 8:55 pm

      Thank you for reading! Have a great week ahead 😀

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