Listen to the songs in your head | July 2016


*Written in July 2016, Sydney

Your voices in your head often come with a hefty price tag. How much time do you spend on one voice and waste on another? Which voice of yours do you ignore? Which voice of yours do you act upon?. Today I discuss one way to make your inner voices work for you, not against you.

Today I heard a voice I’ve heard multiple times since I was 8 years old. The voice leapt towards me in the form of a song. The voice jumped out of my mouth as I was getting ready for my Sunday;

”If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention”

Have you heard this before?. Possibly you recognise this harmony right away?. Maybe you need to re-read a few times before it clicks. Or perhaps it means nothing to you.

I first heard these words nearly 24 years ago, in 1993. I used to watch the classic Sister Act films all the time. I didn’t know what ‘cool’ was back then but I remember being fixated with Lauryn Hill and wanting to be able to sing like her and the rest of the cast.

Today this song got me thinking. It made me wonder why this one (of all those in my backlist of mind-albums) had stuck with me for so long. Why had it randomly popped up today, for no apparent reason.

In the past I’ve had a solo-singalong and thought nothing more of it. But recently I made a promise to myself to take my signals, signs, ideas and feelings more seriously. Essentially, I promised to give myself a better chance to be a full-to-the-brim version of me.

So today I thought about the lyrics and their meaning.

I realised they meant something. I am currently ‘leaving no-turn-unstoned’ while looking for a new job; I accepted today’s words as a reminder …

I’ve always wanted to ”be somebody” and ”go somewhere”.

Back in 1993, I was little, I didn’t know much – I just knew the words meant something. Today they further sparked my fire; to keep chasing my ambition during the coming weeks of change ahead.

Your emotional state can be swayed in a nano-second from good to bad, happy to sad. Just a slither of a thought can change your entire frame of mind. You know this.

With this post I am suggesting that when songs randomly play in your head, try to give them a bit of thought if you think they can benefit you in any way whatsoever. Channel your energy. See where it takes you.

If you’ve heard a song on the radio (that you hate) and can’t get out of your internal playlist, it isn’t one to think about more than you’re forced to.

I am advising you to tune in to songs and words that may have a deeper connection for you. Appreciate these fluky nuggets from your inner-self. Maybe you are trying to lift yourself, to give yourself more confidence – perhaps without you even noticing.

You might think a song is ‘just a song’ in your head. But look more closely and it can be so much more than that.

If this posts hits home with you I would love to know the songs that tick in your head. We all have them.  You know that. On average you have 60,000 thoughts a day. 60,000 A DAY. That’s a mighty fine busy mind!. Next time some familiar words blast their way back into your life during your 60,000, give yourself a minute to thank them for coming back to you.

If you’ve never heard the song I have referred to, check it out on the video below. I hope it sticks in your mind for the next 24 years. If you recognise it, I hope you’ve enjoyed re-living it today as much as I have. Thank you for reading, here’s to being grateful for the songs in your head.



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