Job hunting: I Want To Cry At Work Again | July 2016


*Written in July 2016, Sydney

Posting in hope that this reaches out to Sydney … Me in 2012. Crying in shock as I was awarded ”Marketing Executive of the Year” at Time Inc UK (one of the world’s leading, most iconic, media brands). I made over £96,000 ($165k) for LOOK magazine in 2012.

NONE of my projects were meant to make money directly but I went above and beyond my role to make it happen, again and again, by turning my ideas into reality.
Even though I knew I had been doing well I never imagined I would beat competition throughout the entire Time Inc Headquarters in London to win this prize.

➡️ 4 years on I am still that girl. The one that cares this much about her job ⬅️ I’m posting this as a reminder of who I was, who I am still am and what I can achieve.

➡️ I am due to finish my current contract in Sydney very soon. I am actively LOOKING FOR MY NEXT STEP. I have over 8 years experience working in Marketing roles for leading companies all over the globe ⬅️

I am a tech savvy, natural content creator who knows how to make noise and ensure success from inception to completion󾭚

IF YOU KNOW ANYONE looking for someone like me, please get in touch.

I am looking for a contract with a view to get sponsored in Sydney. I am a Marketing specialist, with a strong background in Digital, Social Media, Content Creation and Events

Please leave a comment / share this post with anyone who may be able to help / email me directly.

Hopefully I will find a great team to give my all to soon.



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