Make your days rich with experiences | July 2016


*Written in July 2016, Sydney

Remember when you had ”no money” yet you still found extra funds to buy something you wanted but didn’t need?. Remember when you had ”no time” yet you pulled a few hours outta the bag to see someone you couldn’t miss any longer?.

This art of miraculously finding ‘money’ and ‘time’ is something that you need to factor into your day-to-day life more often. Make a slot for what matters to you. Treasure your hours. Pluck money out of thin air. Create stolen moments surrounded by things that warm your heart.

Today I witnessed a distinguished example of taking time out for oneself. Walking back from a business lunch this arvo I spotted a guy who I can only describe as an old school Bondi Hipster. He was in his 60’s, confidently riding a Segway along the beach front. He sported a suit, topped with a sparkly gold hat. He carried a red Boom Box which was blasting out Michael Jackson’s ” The Way You Make Me Feel”.

There was an obvious amount of thought in that outfit, song choice and mode of transport. By the time I had finished gawping it was too late to take a photo. As I turned back and kept walking I laughed and noticed everyone around me smiling too. That ol’ chap had whizzed through the crowd and left behind a trail of bemused, happy faces. What a champion!.

He had clearly put some effort into how he was spending his Sunday afternoon. And that’s what I want to pick up on today – how imperative it is for you to make time for whatever you want to do. Whatever makes you sparkle. Whatever makes you feel satisfied. No matter how outlandish it might be. If something makes you feel positive it is worth embracing.

Throwing yourself into new opportunities is something you can easily do. It might seem daunting at first but just think about what you genuinely have a bit of passion for. Once you grasp what that is, think of ways to weave it into your life on a more regular basis. Maybe nothing stands out to you instantly (and that’s fine!) but hopefully this post gives you some food for thought – what can you do to make your days more crammed with beneficial ‘you time’?.

Most of my spare minutes are currently taking up with writing or reading. Running is still my regular exercise and I will always dedicate myself to it. But reading and writing have become things I am actively making time for. My short commute into work is taken with a book glued to my face while my phone resides in my bag. I’m getting 20 mins minimum each way of something that actively engages my mind. I find myself wondering what I was doing before I reading so much. I simultaneously find myself being grateful that I am doing this now rather than never … it’s never too late to start doing something that benefits you.

Even if you’re not one for hobbies I bet you’re interested in something other than just ‘working’ and ‘drinking’. Maybe you’re a secret film buff or you’re set on becoming confident on a skateboard. Whatever you find yourself leaning towards spending spare time on – maybe that’s your thing. Think about it and pursue that thought.

My mum took up an art class a little while back – I know she won’t mind my honesty here but she was quite frankly; shit!. She FaceTimed me ‘portraits’ of our family and dogs that she had created and we would laugh together.

We joked but she wasn’t disheartened – she kept going to classes for social gain and kept ‘having a go’. Our laughs at her efforts have become almost extinct now – against all odds she’s developed her craft.

Recently Mum told me she was putting a canvas of a dog (pictured) into a local exhibition. Well!. I felt like my mum was my child for a second there – I was so proud!. When she showed me this particular piece, not so long ago, I couldn’t believe she had produced it – it’s brilliant. She had stuck with her ‘little hobby’ and it paid off. This is a great achievement and a testament to sticking at something when you know it’s good for you if nothing else.

Whatever you may be keen on, whether that be for links to making new friends or just getting out of the house once in a while – there is no shame in it. None whatsoever. The more you do for yourself, the more curious and brighter your life becomes.

If you had told me a couple of years ago that I would be doing marketing for Sydney’s biggest music events while also writing for the Bondi Bubble App and List For Life (as well as keeping my full-time city job and hosting my blog too) I would believe I could do it but I wouldn’t have been certain the opportunities would have come my way.

At the moment I am doing all of the above. I am loving how my life is changing the more I take on. I am always looking for ways to do more and in-turn more exciting things are coming my way almost every day now.

Once you start putting yourself into what you want, giving your energy to things that benefit your mind and soul, you’ll be surprised at what doors begin to open. You put yourself out there ”this is me, this is what I love doing, lets do this”. Good things will come from your concentrated time and effort.

Along with the smile spreading Segway rider, I saw two dogs having a funny five minutes today. Running like crazy. Chasing each other in circles, as dogs do. It struck me; that’s how I feel when I meet someone with a similar soul. It’s as though we run round in mad circles talking music, events, Bondi, what we wanna do, what we can do, what we dream of doing.

Circles and circles, laughing and excited, dreams becoming new realities in an instant exchange of words. Because that’s what happens when you start dedicating yourself to things you care about. You run round like a mad dog – you get worn out but you’re worn out doing things you care about so you never mind when you’re tired …

Find lost time. Find magic money – make your days rich in life experiences.




  1. Emma Wilkin
    July 4, 2016 / 1:49 pm

    Just read my daughters Blog and I do wonder where the wise words come from?
    I like the analogy of two dogs playing its funny
    I do look at that dog I drew and wonder how I did that !
    Not only did I learn to draw but I have met some interesting and indpirational people in my art classes too

    • July 4, 2016 / 1:57 pm

      You finally read my blog 😀😀😀 Thank you for being my Mum – keep up your newfound passion ✨

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