Give yourself a break once in a while | June 2016


*Written in June 2016, Melbourne

I’m not on my flight. I’m in a pub with a glass of white in hand. This blog post shouldn’t be written.

I was meant to fly back to Sydney. Get home late. Go to work tomorrow. But this weekend went too fast – I wanted to extend it.

Work let me take tomorrow off at short notice. $90 for a flight change wouldn’t break the bank. Done deal.

Now tomorrow (hangover depending) offers; culture taking in the graffiti of the city’s laneways, relaxation with a massage and an escape back into childhood with a cinema visit to find Dory.

I’ve barely left Bondi since moving into my apartment a couple of months ago. Damn it feels good to be out of Sydney.

I’ve been reminded that there is life beyond my favourite city. I’ve been away just a weekend and I miss ‘my’ beach. I needed this fresh air.

I’ve been homesick beyond belief lately. Every day my thoughts have hounded me about where I am and why I’m there. It’s not been ideal but it’s been my life. I haven’t liked being me.

The point I wanted to address is; sometimes you need to do things to make yourself feel better.

Have a lie in, treat yourself to something expensive, take that extra day off work …

Even when we’re not ‘doing anything’ our lives can be flat out busy from morning until night. Treat yourself once in a while. Treat yourself like you would like to be treated.

I know I’m going back to Sydney a better person than I was when I left. A happier person. A truer version of me. Sometimes you just need a little somethin’ somethin’ to put yourself back on top.

Don’t slip and slide into living a life with clouded thoughts. Take that step back when you need it. Take care of you.



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