Moving to Bondi Beach, Sydney | May 2016


”Every day is a new day to change your life”. Yep. What I said.

Here’s 22 things I have learnt since moving to Bondi Beach 4 days ago …

  1. Sitting right here, right now to blog (with my clean Mac!) feels almost unbelievable. Skate park to my left. Beach to my front. Please step into my office …
  2. My office has free wifi, available beach-wide. Yah!
  3. 3 nights in, I already know this is one of the best moves I will make in my entire life.
  4. Any feeling of being ‘tired’ disperses as soon as I look out of my bedroom window and see first light reaching out across the sand.
  5. The buzz on the beach as everyone starts their day is incomparable – if you ever get the chance to experience Bondi before the sun comes up, do it. So much going on. So many people. So many activities. Life is being LIVED!
  6. Have kitchen; will cook. Finally.
  7. ‘Possum on crackers’ exists. I thought Possums just lived in the garden of my old house. Nope. They live on crackers and you can eat them at Bondi Market.
  8. You don’t realise how much you missed something until you have it again. HELLO massive flat screen TV, complete with remote.
  9. Comfy sofas change lives.
  10. As do double beds.
  11. I knew this one already: Irish people are fantastic. I’ll never get tired of my new housemate calling a cupboard ‘the press’.
  12. My room sharing / big house days are over. I’ve had a blast over the years but now its me time. Me time feels ace.
  13. Some of the most exquisite people IN THE WORLD live in Bondi. Life just looks better here, in more ways than one.
  14. Signs like ”Healthy is the new sexy” are dotted around Bondi shops and they’re damn right.
  15. Running across Bondi Beach before work / after work / on the weekend and pretty much whenever I fancy is something I will never take for granted.
  16. Nor is making a decent cuppa in my kitchen of Aussie dreams.
  17. Wherever I go I take my family and friends too. The first things I put up in my room were my ‘Best Big Sister’ doll and a Dreamcatcher from my best friend Lucy. Dreams caught here. Job done.
  18. Anywhere outside of the Bubble feels too far away. Why be further when you can be here?
  19. The cafe in the bookshop will be one of my new favourite haunts. What a place to write, surrounded by books and tea.
  20. Sunrise is the best time of day. Or is it sunset. Lets leave that one up for discussion over a cocktail at The Bucketlist.
  21. I found the ultimate breed of dog on the beach this morning: Beagle x Jack Russell. ONE DAY.
  22. Bondi people are happy people. This place is my place.


Bondi has been calling me for some time now. Good things came to those who waited. Thank you life.



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