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When something plays on your mind you have to act on it at some point or it becomes a cloud over your head. Whatever it may be, things not being dealt with often start as niggles and end up frustrating the hell out of you.

Recently I keep thinking ”I want to write a book”, now I know this is no ‘negative’ thing or by any means a problem. But aside from having many ideas swimming in my head on a daily basis, whether I’m at work, running (where usually my best potential plots tend to spring from) or I’m spending time having illegal amounts of fun with friends, I often catch myself thinking ”I could write about this” / ”remember that, blog about it” / ”this is hilarious, how could I swing this to write up” etc etc.

I’ve discussed writing a book before. When I first started travelling it used to be a goal but  it was quite far in the back of my head. Now I’m settling in Sydney I have more time on my hands to think about what I want to create, rather than jumping from plane-to-plane to chase the next party of life.

The time feels right to write! I’ve decided to jump start myself and have been looking at writing courses in Sydney (all of which, I have seen so far have to be paid for and they’re not so cheap!). Naturally I want to make sure I choose the right course before I sign up.

This is where you come in to play ...

Topics that I’m considering include …

Memoir writing; recounting events from my own life as I remember them (this would have to include a lot of travel tales and stories from living THE life in London for 5 years before leaving on my adventure). The best bits never leave my mind, the material is there.

Creative Writing; ”is known as the art of making things up” … this would be a really open course with lots of scope to end up covering different topics (depending where my mind would take me with what was covered in each session).

Writing Your Novel; Getting to grips with actually putting that story together! But right now I only have bits of a story (with no ending!) in my head so I might have to sit back on this one for a little while.

Writing About Sex; Finding the balance between reality vs fiction … This wasn’t a course I expected to see but I think it would be a damn good read if I could get it right!

Clearly the last one isn’t something I have really touched on with my blog before but when I saw the course advertised it caught my attention.

I don’t know if I would have the balls (!!) to write in depth about sex, I have thought about doing so before but then I think ”Do my family really need to see this?”. Then I also think ”You could ghost-write it’. But ghost-writing would lose my identity and I wouldn’t be able to post things on my blog so right away that option becomes a no go. So if I did go down that route it would have to be sensitively managed!.

I’m wondering if I can pull together a plot that brings in tales from experiences, including life before travel and how it has been since leaving the UK in January 2014.

Everything from backpacker tips, to relationships, to (a bit of) sex, to dream chasing and all the things that make up this crazy life! I have shared so many, almost unbelievable, times with brilliant people I want to document it properly some way.

Not with a rushed blog post that I just ”have to write” because I’m feeling niggled by my own thoughts, but something I can take time on, to do properly and hopefully be proud of the end result.

To get a book published and send a copy to those nearest and dearest who I already know would feature heavily in it in some way would definitely be a Bucket List kind of thing!

I wish for my writing to inspire, entertain or be relatable in some way and hope to give each reader something worth reading every time I get something out there, regardless of the topic.

I would LOVE (and very much appreciate) hearing your thoughts on the above.

What kind of things do you like reading? What make you think ”can’t believe they wrote that…”? What don’t you want to see? Would writing about sexcapades be a step too far? Do some things embarrass you as a reader? Or do you think pick a course, just go for it and see what comes out of these niggling thoughts?

The Writing About Sex course starts next week so I would have make my decision by Friday on that one!

Please comment below, message me through my Facebook page or email me directly: larasstory@gmail.com

I really hope you can take a moment to give me your feedback. Any messages/ emails sent directly to me will be kept completely private. Thank you so much


17th May 2016 – post update. I didn’t sign up for the sex class … I decided although it is something I will write about in some ways I don’t want it to be my focus. I am reading more and more every day to spur my own ideas and plan to take up a class at some point in the near future. I will always love to hear your thoughts, please get in touch any time, Lar


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