How it feels to be back in Sydney | Feb 2016


Sometimes all you need is a bit of inspiration. Today I got mine. 6 times over.

I’ve been back in Sydney for 384 hours / 16 days / 2 weeks and 2 days. However you look at it, it’s not long, not long at all. How much has happened? How many times has life changed for the better in an instant?

I get messages every day without fail from friends back home and/ or around the globe asking ”How is it? ”,  ”How is Sydney?”, ”How much money you making?”, ”Is it hard to find a place to live?”. This evening alone 6 friends have reached out to me, 3 while I have been writing this post. Is Thursday the day for thinking about changing your life or what? Evidently. So that’s my inspiration right there, as has happened so often before, directly from friends I think much of.

So. What is it really like to be back in Sydney?

I landed into Sydney airport on Tuesday 9th of February and moved into a house in Bondi Junction three hours later. As mentioned in my last post, I had lived in the house next door during my first year in Sydney. Many from my capers first time around decided I was ”crazy” moving back into familiar ground but I knew it would be fine and it is. As I expected; its not the same and its great.

You can’t replace times gone by and why would you want to? You value things more and more as you get older but those are treasured times. Not moments you can relive. You’ve changed. Others have changed. Your whole landscape of life changes.

As much as its not comparable its also great to be where I want to be; in Bondi Junction, with my favourite park in the world across the road from my bedroom door and my fave beach on this planet, Bondi, just down the road.

I share with two of my best friends. We go to Bondi every day/ night that we are free. My rent is $200 (£100) per week. What is not to love?


The Bondi effect

What’s that thing you said you want? I secured a job on my 6th day. It was my first interview back in the big City lights. I wanted this one and felt like it was mine before I even walked through the door. Not in a ”Got it already!’ bolshy manner but a more weirdly-self-assured kind of ”I’ve got this, I can feel it”.

I had been offered another position that I was due to start the day before, which initially I took but when this current interview was secured I backed out of the other role, honestly telling the lady ”I’ve been offered a really great opportunity I can’t turn down”. Obviously I didn’t have it at that point but I placed my bets with myself and decided to do what I always do and ”see what happens”.

So today, on my 16th day, I started said new job and damn it felt good to be back behind a desk. Doing marketing, doing digital, doing events, doing social media, all niche stuff I had thrived on during my years in London. My mind was working again in a way that challenged me and its exactly what I need after 2 years travelling and working in various roles. This one is a for a global firm in the city, one that will hopefully keep me on my toes every day. I want days full of guessing and being unsure, then nailing it! That’s how today went and it flew by.

This current role is only a temporary position for 8 weeks but my salary is higher than when I left London in 2014, at the top of my game after 4 years in University and 5 years working my ass off in the City. It took me 6 days. SIX DAZE to find this job. You do the math on that one … What More Is Out There In This City For ME?!


Work Work Work Work Work Work! Back in the game

So you want to have a good time? Sydney is currently undergoing all sorts of backlash for changing laws that are essentially effecting the culture of parties, nightclubs, pubs and general rules around drinking and damn good times. But it’s not all doom and no goon, not at all!

My return weekend I was back with Paul from Paul Strange Events as one of the worlds most sought after DJ’s, Hot Since 82, graced Sydney for an amazing sold out day-time show at my favourite venue in Sydney, The Greenwood Hotel. He went on to follow up with a sold out show by night in the city. The only people missing out then were the ones who didn’t snap up tickets in time.

Last Saturday we returned to The Greenwood to witness Tale Of Us play an outstanding set to an eager crowd. People who love music know what they want; they want a great setting, a vibing crowd and a DJ that that carries the atmosphere from lights out to lights on. That day was a belter, everyone who was there will concur.

Then Sunday, along with 15,000 other lively Sydney lovers I attended the ”Keep Sydney Open” Rally. The buzz was electric. We love this city and we want to party in this city! It’s not all about worrying on social media about where we ”can’t go” or what we ”can’t do”; it’s about making the most of what is available and making a stand for our right to have fun freely as we do so. S*A*S*H takes place every Sunday at Home nightclub on beautiful Darling Harbour. Work or no work the next day, that’s my favourite place to see in a Monday morning.

There are numerous events taking place around the city all the time, you just have to keep your ear to the ground and find the fun. It is out there. Believe me.


Tale Of Sydney …. (Pic courtesy of Division Agency & Paul Strange Events)

But Sydney isn’t all about work and partying, it’s very much about what the place itself can give to you just by you setting foot out of your door. How can anyone have a bad day when they’ve got the Blue Mountains just a train journey away and world famous beaches at every corner?. Sydney is also home to some of the most beautiful people you will ever lay your eyes on, that’s a fact. How can that ever be a  bad thing? This city breeds beauty in every form.

SYDNEY IS the land of opportunity. If you want to make money its there, if you want the dream house, if you want to make the most of whats on offer to you as you go about your day, if you want to be in the best shape of your life, if you want to feel alive and grateful every day for where for you are, this may well be your city as much as it is mine.

After these first couple of weeks back I can hardly wait for what is coming next. Whatever happens it’s going to be epic. I firmly believe when Sydney was created it was sprinkled in gold dust.

My plan is to secure a sponsor, get an apartment in Bondi itself so I can wake up looking at my happiest place in our world and eventually to get a puppy. That’s the thing with this place, if you want it, you can get it. I’ve got all that to come and more, unless something crazy happens all of what I hope for is a dead cert. I’m certain of that.

Never forget, your life is what you make it. If you’re not happy. Change it. And if you are happy, consider yourself lucky every day – never let your happiness go to your head. Life can change in a split second. Enjoy every moment.

See you in Bondi



That’s how a place should make you feel




  1. February 25, 2016 / 3:29 pm

    Congrats on the job 🙂 You’re definitely an inspiration to me. I want to do what you do. I’ll follow to see more of what you do in the future!!

    • March 15, 2016 / 11:13 am

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. The job is going well so far, really enjoying it. I’m just in the middle of writing my next post 😉

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