Travel – 5 reasons to book a trip to Thailand – November 2015


// November 2015 //
Thailand, The Land Of Smiles, a place once visited never forgotten. Does your idea of time away from home include cocktails by the pool? Or is testing yourself with a trek through the jungle closer to the mark? Whatever you’re looking for in a break Thailand has it. Dead cert. Here’s six reasons to book that ticket you’ve been daydreaming of:

1. So you want to be in the best shape of your life? Thailand works miracles on your body without you even realising it. Whether you visit for a two week holiday or an extended trip you’re going to leave a physcially different person to when you arrived. Tanned, slimmer, glowing skin? Oh yes! All of that good stuff! A combination of moving around exploring / relaxing on yet another perfect beach / the amazing food – you won’t know yourself. For all the right reasons.

2. Feed your soul. Sunset yoga, dance until dawn, volunteer at an elephant sanctuary, take Thai cooking lessons from a lovely local – whatever floats your boat and sets your mind at rest you have multiple choices every day. Step away from your laptop. Forget social media for a minute. Ease your mind into new ways of thinking.

3. Everyone needs time off from reality. Chained to your desk followed by smashing the gym five days a week sound familiar? Or maybe your life is a case of ”never enough hours in the day”. To really excel in what you do you need a complete rest from it once in a while. Thailand is your perfect escape.


Commute? Not today! Boat please.

4. ”Hitting the shops” takes on a whole new meaning. Markets to street stalls to locals pitching their wares to you down back alleys. There is nothing you can’t buy in Thailand. Hit the famous MBK shopping centre in Bangkok before you leave the city for ‘designer’ goods that no one will ever spot as fakes. Thailand is the place for glorious budget shopping.

5. It’s cheap. It’s easy. Wherever you are in the world Thailand is easy to get to. In the middle of the UK and Australia it’s the perfect starting point for onward trips around more of South East Asia and Indonesia. Direct flights from London take just 11 hours with prices around £280 on Skyscanner for a one way flight out of the city. Food prices start at £1 and accommodation at £5. Yes, really! That wage you’re blasting on your rent, commute, car, clothes, eating out … spend your money more wisely on this beautiful country.


Yes! A bungalow on the beach will do just fine …

The high season in Thailand kicks off now, as everyone skips the European winter to head for sun kissed days by the beach. Every day in this glorious country will bring you a different reason to fall in love with it. It won’t be five reasons to go there, it will be 50 by the time you leave. Considering it? Do it! You won’t be disappointed.


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