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This blog post is pulled from my archives. It was first published on 21st June 2015. 

Think of the best (and worst) times you’ve ever had and guaranteed someone will flash before your eyes as part of that memory.

Leaving home as a solo traveller I was on a mission to make ”friends for life”. I hoped to meet people that would change me, for better or worse – I wanted my experience to be shared with as many new people as possible.

Here’s 34 types friends I’ve encountered on my travels over the last 18 months that you can most probably relate to … or see yourself as …

1. The Early Bird. You met during the first few days of your trip, you were both going the same way, seeing the world together in a new light. You’ll always be mates, you’ve shared too much …

Jen. She’s seen it all

2. The Hero. Run out of money? Need a lift somewhere? Haven’t got a place to stay? You can always rely on this one to help you out.

Eif (left;) … he’s my hero right there

3. The Go To. This ones on speed dial to pick you up when you’re down. Everything is better when they’re around.

A chat with Ali puts the world at ease

4. The One You Can Confide In. You trust this friend with your life and they do you with theirs. There is nothing you can’t talk about.

5. The Party. This friend not only comes to the party, they are the party. You’ve seen many nights turn into mornings with this one dancing at your side.

Adam, THE party

6. The Hangover Buddy. There for the fun and there for the aftermath, you’ve been known to order a takeaway or two for breakfast …

Jen, Ali, BB & Trix … we had shares in Dominos in Bondi Junction

7. The Grafter. Not afraid of hard work, this one works all the hours in the day to save for that end goal – the next part of their travels.

8. The One Who Always Has ”No Money”. This one never has a spare dime but somehow they’re always out on the lash. They make ends meet to ensure they don’t miss out on the fun – you’re glad they always find a way.

9. The One Who Tries To Steal Your Boyfriend/ Girlfriend. The rascal who shouldn’t really do what they do!

10. The One You Love A Little Bit. Yep! You’ve imagined being with this person but they’re not having it. Dream On Dreamer … (Friends zone for life)

11. The One Who Likes You Like That. On the other side of the coin, you’ve got that friend who likes you more than they perhaps should, you love ’em to death but you’ll never go there.

12. The One You Cross The Line With. So you spent the night together and you both kind of regretted it. Life is easier as ”just friends”.

13. The Fuck Buddy. No need for Tinder. No dramas. Everybody wins.

14. The Unbelievably Hot One. Looking like a model while you’re sweating balls picking tomatoes in the 40 degree heat, this one always looks perfect and makes your mates back home wanna trade places with you …

Even the rainbows come out for Charlieeeeee!

 15. The Inseparables. You won’t find one without the other, they come as a team and a party invite always extends to the whole group.

S, K + C = ONE

S, K + C = ONE

16. The One Who’s Wardrobe You Want. Wherever they’re going, whatever they’re doing they always look cool.

Enter Lucy, the girl who makes a neck brace look good!

17. The Pain In The Arse. The shit drunk, the messy housemate, the one who should think before they speak. Nightmares in many ways but you love them regardless.

18. The One You Fall Out With. It’s impossible to please all of the people all of the time. You fall out but you get over it, you’re more laid back now you’re travelling and realise life is too short to hold grudges.

19. The One You Thought You Knew. First impressions and early stages of friendship aren’t always a true reflection of a person. You quickly learn how people can change on you but as a traveller, you don’t dwell on it  – you move on quickly these days.

20. The One From The Place You’ve Always Dreamed Of Going To. You haven’t got there yet but it’s top of your list. You have an instant connection and could talk to them for days.

21. The One From Your Hometown. Meeting people from your country happens often on the road but meeting someone who grew up near you is just fab! You reminisce!

22. The One Who Wants To Do It All, NOW! This one knows that life is there for the taking and there’s no stopping them when it comes to cramming in every life experience they can get their hands on.

23. The Bonkers One. On another planet all together, you wouldn’t have them any other way.

Jaime (left) she’s a one off!

24. The Unlikely One. From a completely different walk of life and opposite to you in many ways, you would never have met if you hadn’t travelled. Your friendship relies on your differences.

25. The Song Star. Your friendship blossomed over your love of music. When you’re not together and you hear the songs you created memories with you both think of each other. 

''DJ Nyall'' changed my life. One of my best friends, we met over a song in a beer garden in Aus

”DJ Nyall” changed my life. One of my best friends, we met over a song in a beer garden in Aus

26. The One Who Inspires You. This friend does things a different way and you admire them, they guide you on to new ways of living.

Nat shines a light on my life

27. The ”See You Never” Friend. Yeah you had a great time on your day trip in Thailand but you’re too different, you both know you won’t see each other again.

28. The ”See You Soon” Friend. This one you can hardly bear to say ta ra to, so you point blank refuse to say “goodbye” and always leave each other with plans to meet again soon.

29. The Tattoo Twin. You think so damn much of each other you’ve got matching tattoos that will always keep you joined together no matter where you may be in the world.

We’ve got two matching tatts, double the love between me & my dear Lucy

30. The Friend Who Made You Look At Things Differently. This one did something on their trip that made you reasses what you were doing and your plans for moving forward. They opened your eyes to something new.

Faith left London behind to live on an island in Thailand, she worked in a “Tea Temple” on Koh Phangan and completely changed her life.

31. The One Who Changed When They Went Home. Fun Time Frankie on the road but different once they finish travelling … they’re home to settle down, you get it.

32. The One You Will Meet Up With At Home. You met on the road and they got back on home turf before you, you plan to meet up and re-live the days on the road asap!

33. The Ones Who Feel Like ”Family”. You farmed Australia together / You transited through half of South East Asia with them / You lived in a mad house. These big groups are special, they made your home away from home.

The Dream Team living it up in Sydney on NYE

34. The One Who Was There From The Start. This friend knew about your travels before you told your family. There from day one and there when you get home. You always look forward to the future fun you’ll have together once you return.

Amelia, one of the people I miss the most on the road

Think about it … Many of your friends will fall into many of the above, maybe they’ve been all of them at some stage.

I know I’ve been a lot of them and hope I have been the positive ones to my friends too (as well as the nightmares, I am who I am after all;).

Think about it … Which numbers are you? And what I have missed?

When leaving home on Jan 3rd 2014 I don’t think I realised back then just how many people I would meet, how many would make an impact on me, my trip, my plans for the future and my feelings about life.

At the end of the day travelling is all about those you cross paths with, whatever happens, wherever you visit, they make it what it is  – one of the the best things you will ever do …


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