Travel tips – Visit Koh Rong, Cambodia – May 2015

// May 2015 //
”Make sure you get to Koh Rong. Go there before it gets too busy”; these words I heard many a time whilst in Siem Reap. The backpacker grapevine told tales of unmatched beauty in Cambodia, with everyone who had already been strongly advising a visit.

Just two hours by boat from the travellers frenzy of Sihanoukville lies the relatively undisturbed diamond of Koh Rong, Cambodia’s second largest island.

It’s the kind of place you dream of when you’re working, saving for that holiday, looking forwards to that time in the sun that you’ve earned.

23 miles of beaches surrounded by clear turquoise seas awaits. Expect land peppered with accommodation for even the tightest budget too.

See it within your two week holiday from home or kick back for a while as you move around the hub of South East Asia … Let the saying live up to the hype ”You can’t go wrong in Koh Rong”

A snippet of my three nights in Koh Rong


Our 2 hour taxi boat from Sihanoukville took an unexpected stop on route. We docked at nearby Koh Rong Sanloem for lunch … understandably we didn’t mind!


We enjoyed complimentary fresh local fish, rice and a local beer in this simple shack


Koh Rong pier greeted us with an array of beach side guesthouses. Beds start at just $5 / £3


Wifi is ‘free’ in a few places but it’s temperamental across the island … not to worry though, chances are that’s not what you’re there for. Free tea in the morning is always welcome though!


Need to flush your bungalow toilet? You’ll need to grab a bucket and nip down to the sea …


Expect sandy open air dining every day. Koh Rong is known for it’s epic evening BBQ’s


An idyllic setting for the island community school


Take a local boat around the coast to the aptly known Long Beach for a day at the seaside you’ll never forget


Koh Rong is scattered with ultimate escapes – pick a secluded bungalow on the sea

Happy Feet

Expect crisp white sand and Happy Feet

My friend dwarfed by sheer size of Long Beach

My friend, dwarfed by the sheer size of the ever impressive Long Beach


Island life encourages the enjoyment of simple things


Long Beach is known for beautiful sunsets, it also boasts a plankton filled bay that glows in the dark


The shot that says it all … me caught in a moment, free and relaxed .. this is the happiness Koh Rong is guaranteed to give you


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