7 reasons – Why feeling Free is key – April 2015

Lara Lain backpacking Laos 2014

Ready to head off onto the next adventure! Laos, 2014

// April 2015 //
Booking a ticket from home to somewhere new, somewhere fresh, somewhere that honestly scares the be-gees out of you instantly changes your life.

You live free, free to do whatever you like, with whoever you like from one day to the next.

The feeling of freedom doesn’t get old and it’s something once gone, never forgotten. No one ”travels forever”, these moments are going to pass but freedom doesn’t just apply to travel – it’s a way of thinking, of living with an open mindset.

Feeling free is key:

1.Because you can. Remember the last time someone told you you couldn’t do something? Or they doubted your ability to complete something? Maybe you wanted to lose weight, pick up a new hobby, go away on your own. Well, you can do it and you will. Start making the steps to whatever you want to achieve and make you proud of you.

2. Do it. Travel. Book the ticket and go. Whether it’s for a short time or an extended period of your choice. Perhaps visiting a continent you’ve never considered before just for the hell of it or booking a RTW trip for a year. If you want to go, go!

3. Meet. Every time we encounter someone new our lives open to new possibilities. Have you met someone that thinks differently to how you normally do? Someone that has made your brain tick? Spend time with people who bring a new sense of freedom to your train of thought. Be inspired.

4. Work away. Working abroad gives you a completely different outlook to working at home. You can move around. Test the water with opportunities you would never have gotten at home. You never know what career path you may end up on.

5. Ditch them. Who or what is holding you back from what you want to do today, tomorrow, next week, for the rest of your life? Don’t let anyone stop you from being you.

6. Chase it. What is freedom to you? Is it the ability to walk into a shop knowing you can buy what you want for your family without worrying about how much it will cost? Is it going to the gym when you want to give yourself a burst of positivity? Is it working in a job you love? What is it? Chase that and don’t let others steer you off course.

7. Immerse yourself. When you grasp your sense of freedom make the most of it while it lasts. Nothing lasts forever and the feeling of being ”free” is one that we should make the most of whenever we can regardless of age, status, life plans or not. Find what makes you feel that special way and live it. Freedom doesn’t have to have a plane ticket attached to it or a partner waiting by your side.

What makes you feel free? I’d love to hear what you do to let go!

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