Chasing The New Zealand Dream – April 2015

… It’s ”Goodbye for now” to beautiful Australia!

// April 2015 //
Today marks the start
of the sun setting on one dream and rising over another.

My first year in Australia ends this month. I then fly on to New Zealand on Friday the 24th of April.

16 months on the road is leading me onwards to another life unknown. I’ve considered different places and nearly booked flights home but the thought of a fresh chapter on the South Island has pulled me like a magnet.

I’ve worked and saved to give myself this chance to be a traveler again, to allow myself to revel in uncertainty, to feel the unrivalled happiness of freedom.

Making decisions based on how you feel in your heart gives you confidence in your chosen path, in your future and ultimately in yourself.

If you’re not following your dreams, who’s life are you living?


| Photograph by Mitsu Sato |


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