8 tips – How to create a life with no (major!) regrets

Lara Lain Cambodia 2015
I hope these points help you aim to create a ”Life with no regrets”

1. A single event can change your life. If you were told today that you couldn’t change anything in your life ever again would you be happy with what you are doing? Where you are living? Who your are spending your days with? Who you are dedicating your precious time to? Think about that … What needs to change?

2. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Didn’t think you were good enough for a job? Thought you would die doing a skydive? Grab your life by the horns and go for it!

3. Make mistakes. Fall down, struggle, feel the feels of unhappiness and rise out of it. Losing your way will ultimately set you on the right path to how you want to live your life. We all mess up in different parts and stages of our life (at some point!). That’s life!

4. Be true to yourself. If you are open and honest in life you can’t go far wrong. Always try to stick by what you feel is right.

5. Know. You can’t please everybody. No matter how kind and nice you may be, you are always going to reach a time in your life when you go against the grain of what others agree with.

6. Be a “Yes-man”. Some opportunities only come up once in a lifetime, some times you gotta say ‘Yes!’ and think about how to make it work after!

7. Tell people how you feel. Wearing your heart on your sleeve in matters of love will only ever do you well. If feelings are unrequited then at least you were honest. Being open takes strength but it is possible – just be yourself!

8. Remember. Time and tide wait for no man. Life won’t have itself! Time goes so fast! Do as much as you can, with what you have and where you are.

Whatever good / bad / challenging happens in your life, don’t be too hard on yourself! … Try your best, keep your chin up and keep going – no matter what!


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