7 Steps To Happy

1. Take a moment each day to appreciate your life. I often think “Today I’m grateful for…” And then I list a few things in my mind to remind myself that yes, life is good! Traveling / My family / My friends / The fun we had yesterday / That amazing view .. the list goes on ..

2. Make an effort to regularly do something that makes you happy. Running is my happy thing! I usually run at least 5km, 4 / 5 times a week. I always come back feeling like I can conquer the world! Any form of excercise is good for your mind, body and soul.

3. Find a place you love and visit it whenever possible. Since I’ve been in Sydney my happy place has been Bondi Beach. I run there every week (and make any excuse I can just to be there!). Sunsets and sunrises are my absolute favourite times.

4. Share the joy. Laughing with family / friends is good for your everything (and for theirs too).

5. Have something to look forward to. Whether your plan is what you are doing tomorrow, a weekend to look forward to or maybe you’re plotting the next bit of your adventure it is always a great feeling to have something to be excited for.

6. Take pride in yourself. My latest ‘thing’ is getting my eyebrows waxed. I only recently had it done for the first time and I’ve sworn to myself it will be the “one beauty expense” I’ll try my best to keep up. It completely changed my face shape, how I see myself and ultimately my confidence.

7. Remember with every up there will be the odd down. Try not to wallow too much when things aren’t going your way. Easier said than done at the time, we all have demons, but chin up. “This too will pass”.



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